Fukushima Renewable Energy Research Association

Fukushima Renewable Energy Research Association

Industry, Finance, Government Office, University etc.

Through the operation of a research group involved by 830 companies, we will establish an inter-corporate network and promote new entries and information sharing by holding seminars.

EnergyAgency. Fukushima holds seminars and business conventions meeting the needs of members and subcommittee meetings to grasp technical trends in each field for the purpose of strengthening the technological base of the members and the industry-academic-government network.

An actual example

Study Group (General Meeting)
Subcommittee meeting (solar power, wind power, biomass, energy network) etc.


Yasuo Tomita

Chief Coordinator Yasuo Tomita

Executive manager of coordinating operation
Field of expertise
Master of Technology Management (MOT)
Heat Transfer Engineering · Heat Exchange · Plant System
Mechanical engineering · Mechatronic system

We are seeking diverse companies, organizations and individuals to form a powerful network.

Chief Coordinator Yasuo Tomita

What kind of people are participating at the moment?

Companies that are interested in renewable energy, companies aiming for commercialization, as well as universities and research institutes that are researching about renewable energy are participating.
This network was founded as “Fukushima Prefecture Renewable Energy Research Association” in 2012. It now consists of 830 member companies, organizations and individuals both local and outside the prefecture.

What kind of activities have been done up until now?

The Fukushima Prefecture Renewable Energy Research Association has subcommittees of “Solar power”, “Wind Power”, “Biomass” and “Energy Network”. Each of them holds professional seminars  several times throughout a year and share information at expert seminars and advanced case study sessions.
For example, “Abukuma wind power plant”, one of the biggest domestic wind power projects in Japan, started in Fukushima Prefecture in 2017. We held seminars as the introduction of the power plant with the windmill manufacturers and succeeded in connecting them with the local enterprises during the individual interview session.

Please tell us about your future operations

Up until now, we have been focusing on our learnings, but we would like to connect it into industrial integration through collaborative researches and commercialization operations using the network.
We are hoping for more active participations from the private sectors.