Creating New Business Opportunities

Creating New Business Opportunities

Project Flow

We aim to create new technologies, new products and new business among local companies.
We will establish a business project working group and support the commercialization of products for the enterprises.

Energy Agency Fukushima will do its utmost to support the commercialization of projects for companies and research groups.

Project Image

Project Image

An actual example

Establishment of a business project working group and holding regular meetings.
Supports on individual matching etc.


Toshiyuki Kobayashi

CoordinatorToshiyuki Kobayashi

Overseas renewable energy in general
Field of expertise
Semiconductor manufacturing technology and device technology
Quality control and environmental management system
Manufacturing support

Renewable energy holds the key on increasing corporate power in general, such as production output and number of employment.

CoordinatorToshiyuki Kobayashi

What kind of commercialization projects are currently in operation?

This fiscal year, working groups of each renewable energy category such as solar, wind power, energy management, biomass and geothermal energy are established. The commercialization projects on new technologies and new products started their actions. Each working group is working along the scheduled meetings with clear goals.
Although it is still under the experimental stage, we have built a biomass gas power plant that utilizes 1.5 tons of food residue per day in Iwaki City. Food residue is collected from local supermarkets and resort facilities. We are planning to start selling the electricity as a business from 2019.

What are the actual commercialization supports?

If research and development at one company faces difficulties, it is advisable to cooperate with research institutions and universities, so we will introduce them to the institutions that meet the needs. If there are financial problems, we will help the company apply for various community support projects. It will require an industry-academic-government coordination.

Which field will be in the spotlight from now on?

It differs depending on the category, for example, snow melting using geothermal heat has been increased. In the wind power generation business that will start in Fukushima Prefecture soon, we expect to receive orders for wind power generation related equipment and maintenance projects, so I think that technology in these fields will draw attention. In other categories, I think that there are business opportunities too.