Online business matchmaking with NRW companies from Germany catching eyes!

At REIF2020, business matchmaking between NRW companies and Fukushima-based renewable companies took place. This year, at the NRW pavilion, seven companies including 4 companies participating online and 3 from Japanese subsidiaries and a partner company participating onsite set up their booths out of concern for Covid-19 outbreak.  Since this was the first-ever attempt, anticipations and worries crisscrossed. In spite of that, the number of Japanese companies was unexpectedly high and the matching site was filled with excitement and positive involvement by Fukushima companies.

Due to the 8-hour time lag, the matchmaking time was limited to just one hour from 16:00 on both days. 5 German companies participated in the REIF from the biomass sector, showing their motivation to expand in the Japanese market. Also, two consulting companies and one major hydrogen company exhibited following the last year.

No staff came from Germany due to Covid-19, but a German staff responded to visitors online around the clock. At the pavilion, welcome messages in Japanese were streaming on the monitor and always creating a warm atmosphere. This was a remarkable experience for the overseas collaboration in spite of the first-ever style thanks to cooperation by relevant parties.