Showcasing B2B matchmaking with companies from Basque Country, Spain!

At REIF2020, B2B matchmaking took place between companies from Basque Country, Spain participating online and Fukushima companies engaged in renewable energy industry participating onsite.

The matchmaking was set up in a conference room nearby the REIF exhibition hall. It was a combined style of the Internet and Web conference attended by Japanese-English interpreters who contributed to make the matching successful.

We anticipated difficult problems: situation was not like a face-to-face meeting in the booth; matching time zones were limited between 16:00 and 17:00 (8:00 and 9:00 in the morning by CET) and not many meetings were possible within a two-day fair. Despite the difficulties, many of the participating companies commented that they were able to exchange information more intensively than ever. Participating Basque companies were seven in total, Estycos, HWS Concrete Towers, Liftra, ISATI Engineering Solutions, Euskabea, and Saitec Offshore Technology from wind power sector, and PI Berlin from PV sector.  Within the limited time, each company went through matchmaking with several Fukushima companies. I am now following up the participating companies, aiming for new business collaboration in the future.