Joint Declaration of Intent (JDI) between EnergyAgency.FUKUSHIMA and NRW.Energy4Climate (Germany) in the field of Renewable Energy

Joint Declaration of Intent (JDI) between EnergyAgency.FUKUSHIMA and NRW.Energy4Climate (Germany) in the field of Renewable Energy


EnegyAgency.FUKUSHIMA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with EnergyAgency.NRW, which was a support organization of industry in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) in November 2017, and has promoted mutual economic exchange through various projects. This was realized following a conclusion of MoU between Fukushima Prefecture and the State of NRW, Germany.

Due to organizational restructuring of the industrial support organization in NRW, EnergyAgency.NRW was dissolved, and a new state-run organization NRW.Energy4Climate was established. Its role is to integrate and implement policies on renewable energy, energy transition and climate change measures. Following such a change, a JDI between EnergyAgency.FUKUSHIMA and NRW.Energy4Climate was made and entered into for the further promotion of mutual economic exchange.

「Signing Ceremony of JDI between EnergyAgency.FUKUSHIMA and NRW.Energy4Climate」
1 Date: Monday, July 4 2022 16:00-17:00
2 Place Online
※Fukushima Prefectural side joined the ceremony at Fukushima Technology Centre, Koriyama City.
3 Attendees
① EnergyAgency.FUKUSIHMA Yasuhiro Hattori, Managing Director
② NRW.Energy4Clime  Ulf Reichardt, CET
① Fukushima Prefecture Masao Uchibori, Governor
② State of North Rhine Westphalia
Christoph Dammermannn, Former State Secretary of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitialization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (MWIDE)
③ General Consulate of Japan in Dusseldorf Kiminori Iwama, Consul General
4 Program
(2)Introduction of participants
(3)Message by guests
(4)Message by signatories
(6)Commemorative photo

■ About JDI
① Areas of cooperation
・ Bioenergy ・ Wind energy ・ Geothermal energy ・ Photovoltaic
・ Fuel cells and hydrogen technologies
・ Storage technologies
・ Integration of renewable energies in the power, heat and transport sector
・ Market schemes and strategies
② Forms of cooperation
・ Joint seminars in both regions
・ Participation in trade fairs in both regions
・ Investigation of market opportunities in both regions
・ Support of networking, project development, research
exchange between companies, institutes and research facilities in both regions
・ Organization of conferences, workshops and project visits
・ Utilization of synergies as well as the networking of relevant actors in the fields of politics as well as administration industry an science
・ Documentation of participation companies from both regions in the various activities as well as resulting cooperation and business transactions
③ Term
・ Between July 4, 2022 and December 31, 2023