Summary of the 9th Fukushima Renewable Energy Industrial Fair

REIF Fukushima 2020, the biggest trade fair in Tohoku region kicked off!

REIF2020 took place at Big Palette, Koriyama City on October 28 and 29, 2020. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, overseas companies on the invitation program participated in REIF2020 online. Amid such a situation, REIF2020 made a fantastic success, gathering 192 exhibitors and 5,347 visitors.

The opening seminar on October 28 was followed by the Renewable Energy Seminar, the International Economic Exchange Seminar for which speakers from the MoU signed overseas cluster agencies took the platform online and on site, and Fukushima Centre for Renewable Energy Promotion Seminar.

On October 29, following a Special Lecture presented by a 2019 Nobel prize laureate for chemistry, Dr. Yoshino Akira, speakers from National Institute for Advanced Science and Technology (AIST) gave a seminar on Fukushima Renewable Energy Research Institute (FREA), followed by a panel discussion, seminars on Power Produce & Supplier (PPS) and Energy produced by Stadtwerke.

The theme of Dr. Yoshino’s presentation was “Future Society pioneered by lithium-ion batteries”. He talked about a game change in the automobile industry in 2025 with the lithium-ion batteries.

One of the biggest events of REIF was B2B matchmaking. Matchmakings took place between major wind turbine manufacturers and hydrogen manufacturers and Fukushima companies following seminars on smart community and biomass business seminar. Online matchmaking was carried out at NRW and Basque booths, accompanied by consecutive interpreters who contributed to bring about excitement to business talks.

Outside the exhibition hall was a demonstration of maintenance work for renewable energy power plant using a drone. Participants also took part in a study tour to FREA. In spite of a severe circumstance due to Covid-19 pandemic, REIF2020 showed successful results thanks to strict infection prevention measures.

In December 2020, Japanese Government declared to advance to a decarbonized society by 2050. In that context, renewable energy will play a more and more important role.

We are hoping to communicate the latest information of coming REIF as soon as its direction is finalized.

Dr.Yoshino Akira, Nobel prize laureate in chemistry

Exhibition hall

Online booth for overseas countries